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Local Information

Tours & Activities

Below are tours and activities available at La Casa De Don David. Tour prices listed are per person, based on two person minimum unless otherwise specified. Entrance fees to parks are not included.

Tikal National Park Private Tour

Duration: Up to 6hrs including transportation time
Price: $80.00pp (based on 2 persons, if more persons the price per person decreases)
A personalized tour of Tikal National Park, it includes private round trip transportation El Remate-Tikal via minibus and knowledgeable, fluent English-speaking guide just for you, as well as a box lunch. You can leave and return at any hour you wish starting from 5:30am. Does not include park entrance fee of $20 or Q150pp.

Tikal Sunrise & archeological tour

Duration: 3:45am – 11:00am
Price: $106.50pp (based on 2 persons, if more persons the price per person decreases)
A unique experience, sit atop Temple IV and watch the sun and early morning mist rising over the temples. Includes private transportation round trip El Remate-Tikal via minibus and archeological English speaking guide and box lunch. Please note, entrance fee of $20pp + $13pp sunrise fee are not included.

Yaxhá Sunset Private Tour

Duration: up to 6hrs including transportation time, returning just after sunset
Prices : 1 person – $146.00 / 2 persons – $77.00pp / 3 persons – $50.00 pp/ 4 persons – $40.00 pp / 5 persons – $33.00 pp

Yaxhá, although the second most-visited site after Tikal, still remains pleasantly secluded because of its more limited access. Get spectacular views of lake Yaxhá and surrounding jungle at sunset, also the elusive howler monkeys are often seen here. Includes: round trip private transportation El Remate – Yaxhá via minibus, knowledgeable, fluent English-speaking guide just for you. Does not include entrance fee of $10 or Q80pp.

Canopy (Zipline) Tour

Duration: Approximately 2 hours
Price: $38pp, Guatemala Nationals $26pp
Why not explore the jungle by swinging through trees on a zipline? This fun and exciting activity can be experienced near the Tikal entrance. Includes: zipline gear & safety guide, round-trip transportation from El Remate. Without transportation $3pp less. 3+ persons FREE transportation

Horseback Riding

Duration: 2 hours
Price: $25pp (2 person minimum)
While in El Remate, we recommend a leisurely horseback ride around the village and nearby trails. Get a glimpse of local life and learn about medicinal plants and their uses. The horses are tame and there is always a guide with you, making the tour suitable for beginner and experienced riders alike. Your guide is from El Remate, who besides his knowledge of plants is also a very talented woodcarver. Includes horse, gear and Spanish speaking guide.

Boat Tour

Duration: 2 hours, in early morning or late afternoon
Price: $25pp (2 person minimum)
Spend time on the crystal clear, blue-green waters of Lake Petén Itza. A good option for birdwatching, this tour takes you to nearby small rivers Ixli and Ixpop where you’ll find many different types of birds. Either choose the early morning hours, or best in the afternoon to see the sunset and perhaps stop for a swim along the way. Includes boat ride and English speaking guide.